Ödemarken – Favela café, Helsingborg 2019-11-15

The show

Playing their latest album, Terrorjazz, all through, Ödermarken was a good reason for a trip to Helsingborg. The venue, Favela café, is a badly needed place in the city for music not finding its place in mainstream venues. And it is a site well worth a visit for people interested in good music.

As for Ödemarken’s show, I’m sure you can find it appealing with its rough jazz take. Give yourself time to listen the music, without obstructions. Favourite track is Mortale Pt.2.


1.Tentacle sun
2.Mortale Pt.1
3.Mortale Pt.2
4.Perpetuum mobile
5.Matsumos revenge

The recording

A multitrack recording made with Art S8 splitters, Digimax D8 preamps and the HD24. With aid from the band, this is a nice mix.

Download: Flac





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