Ecstatic Vision – Favela café, Helsingborg 2019-11-15

The show

If you’re a frequent concertgoer, every now and then you’ll stumble upon artists, unknown to you, who will catch your attention. Ecstatic Vision resides in genres not always in this writers cup of tea. Originally being at Favela café to catch Ödemarken ( this american band ended up providing one of the best shows of the year. It’s easy to lose yourself in their performance, have your mind wander away and not realise it’s been 17 minutes since the song started. In times like these a much needed break from reality, or perhaps a return to it?


1. Shut up and Drive
2. You Got it or You Don’t
3. The Electric Step
4. Astral Plane -> Random Freakout -> Like a Freak
5. Master of the Universe -> TV Eye

The recording

A multitrack recording made with Art S8 splitters, Digimax D8 preamps and an HD24. Sounds good.

Download: Flac





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