Agusa – Plan B, Malmö 2020-06-20

The show

The return of live music! Well, there has been shows for months at Plan B, like this one mainly put on by Friendship and Music. But this felt like a return with an artist making it worth leaving a punctuated Midsummer’s party. Saga is the Swedish word used by Agusa for naming and it fits. These are long stories (sagor) told in captivating currents of sounds. In some ways it would be curious to hear these stories told in words, film or paintings, would it be possible to convey the same feeling these instruments do? Dance around or sit down with a cup of tea, either way, make sure to let the music in.


1. [New, untitled, piece]
2. Sagor från Saaris
3. Sorgenfri

The recording

A multitrack recording using dante out from the house Allen & Heath dLive controller into a JoeCo BBR64. Added Milab VM44 for ambience (into Presonus Digimax D8->JoeCo BBR64) and Peluso CEMC6 for audience (on-stage, into house system). No overheads, but a fine one.

Download: Flac




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