L.T. Valentin – Hotel Cecil, København 2020-01-30


This concert seems to have taken place in a different era. Remember when being close to people at concert wasn’t considered dangerous, but rather warming and human? Good thing we have recordings to remind us. L.T. Valentin played his set before Ryley Walker took the stage. As such, is was an honest and memorable act, with thoughtful lyrics (for those who understand Danish). Honest for seemingly conveying parts of himself through the music.


1. Intro
2. Den Rodløse
3. Indre By
4. I Oprørt Hav
6. Simpelt & Begrænset Liv
7. Du Ligger & Bløder
8. Alt Godt Til De Gode


The recording

I’ll reuse notes from the Ryley Walker post: A recording made through the Dante output of the Soundcraft Vi2000 at Hotel Cecil, with a room mics up as well. The Joeco Blackbox bbr64-dante is working well, when you get to know it a little bit. I believe the recording does the show justice.

Download: Flac



Simpelt & Begrænset Liv

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