Agusa – Plan B, Malmö 2021-10-29

The show

Back at Plan B (always go back to Plan B in Malmö!) for Agusa. This time with no benches and a standing audience. Instead of sitting down with closed eyes this time people had the chance to let their bodies move around penetrated and driven by the music. Since last time their great album En annan värld had been released and the highlight of the show was probably its track Sagobrus, although I could make arguments for all tracks or the whole show to be the highlight of the night. This is music to adore, to contemplate, to savor. Enjoy!


1. Den förtrollade skogen
2. Sagobrus
3. Landet längesen
4. Sorgenfri

The recording

Not what it was supposed to be. The plan was to record a multitrack from the house A&H QU24 by using usb connected to a pc. Unknown to me this setup is known to often produce problems in the shape of reoccurring diginoise on all channels minutes at the time. During soundcheck I noticed this behavior and tried to find a solution to no avail. The multitrack recording of the concert was thus not usable for a complete mix but was instead used along with a backup recording. The recording is instead heavily emerged from an excellent ambience capture using two Milab DC196 hung from the ceiling combined with a stereo soundboard feed into a Zoom H6. Where possible some solos were highlighted using the multitrack. Not a perfect mix but it’s got a good feeling from the room.

Download: Flac




2 thoughts on “Agusa – Plan B, Malmö 2021-10-29

  1. Thank you so much for recording and posting. I really hope Agusa make it to the UK soon!

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