Duppy Tales – The Cowgirl Gallery, Malmö 2022-03-16

The music

Duppy Tales is a trio of musicians based in Malmö, Sweden with their first album, Nightswimming, streaming online. They hadn’t gathered a big following before, but with any justice this show should put them on track.

The show was postponed from February which was a good thing, apparently the turnout was increased manifold from what it was supposed to be. The small art gallery, turned venue, was jam-packed by the time Duppy Tales took the stage (a couple of square meters in a corner of the room).

Having released one album Duppy Tales had material to play two (short) sets with their groovy, jazzy, pop. Their own word for a what you’d experience at their show is “mjuk känslobomb”, translated loosely as soft emotional bomb. Add some playfulness and you’ll have a good description of what all those people filling up The Cowgirl Gallery encountered and were blessed with. One could discuss influences and more, but instead do yourself a favor and let this show be your new friend the next hour.


Tiny stage means limited house system. Originally only vocals were planned to be run through the PA which meant the other instruments had to be miced. Drums were captured with a knee mic (Milab DC196 omni), kick mic (Shure Beta 52) and one overhead (Milab DC196 card), bass guitar amp with a DPA 4061 and the guitar amp with a Peluso CEMC-6. Milab VM44 (card) were used for room ambience. The sound of this recording does the show justice and will let you make yourself at home in front of the band with the rest of the audience!

Download: Flac

Set 1
1. Intro
2. Sahil
3. M.G.J.
4. Agate
5. A Chance for Something New

Set 2
6. Intro
7. A Thousand Leaves
8. Dissolve (Mantra)
9. [Untitled]
10. High Tide
11. Sleep
12. Loop Song

Cüneyd Koçalp: Drums
Simon Balvig: Guitar, vocals
Emanuel Golé Lindh: Bass, vocals
Alexandra Shabo: Vocals [7], [11]
Frida Pettersson Bustamante: Percussion [11]
Matilda Pettersson Bustamante: Percussion [11]





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