Makross – Inkonst, Malmö 2020-10-20

The show

There has been some live shows put on the last few years, but not a great deal. This was one of them. A sit-down, 50 people limit, chill two hours (including a set break) at a venue known to dancers. Makross with guest, in a project presented as Mutual acquaintances, were supposed to play at Inkonst in May 2020 ending a tour of Sweden but the whole tour was canceled (due to reasons not to be spoken of here). Fast forward a couple of months and here we are.

This is jazz. What kind of jazz? It’s sound reminds you of the 1960s, but today is definitely present. It’s laid back and makes the body move at the same time. It’s a band that wants to play live (they even brought in an audience to record a studio album), meet its audience and build on the vibe. Listen to this recording and imagine yourself sitting at a small table interacting with a great band.

Rasmus Nyvall – Tenor saxophone/ Bass clarinet
Kristoffer Rostedt – Drums
Andreas Henningsson – Double bass
Jens Persson – Saxophones

Elin Forkelid – Saxophone
Fabian Kallerdahl – Piano
Lisbeth Diers – Percussion

The recording

Multitracked with Art S8 splitters, Digimax D8 preamps and the good old Alesis HD24. The best microphones at Inkonst were put to use which helped make mixing a breeze. Good recording.


set 1

1. Intro
2. Mutual Acquaintances
3. Five for Everyone
4. In debt to Deb
5. Gudbarn
6. Mayflower
7. Check it out!

set 2

8. The Walking Dog
9. Jeopardy
10. CT
11. Peggys blues
12. All I Want for Midsummer is a Tax Return


Download: Flac




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