Deadringer – Woodstockeboda 2021-09-11

The show

Opening act of the last day of the inaugural Woodstockeboda festival, Deadringer makes the premiere of the recordings from the festival. Going to the site of the festival their song Only Two was repeatedly played as a warm up in this writer’s vehicle. The music can be described as pop with feeling and guitars with catchy songs you might find yourself humming along or repeating lines like “it’s a lonely life when you’re only two” in your head. Definitely a good thing! Listen to this show and feel the late summer vibes.


Recorded through the festival’s Allen & Heath dLive surface equipped with my dante card with some extra ambience microphones feeding the Joeco Blackbox. Not being able to control gain settings proved to be a challenge with this and other recordings from the festival. Perhaps the mix is a bit thick, but all in all enjoyable.

Download: Flac





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