Acid Mothers Temple – Plan B, Malmö 2015-10-11

Show notes

The first recording to be posted at Mirror Show is not from a recent or even unpublished show, but is worthy of a little more attention. Acid Mothers Temple played the old basement venue of Plan B, Malmö, Sweden in October of 2015. Plan B was at the time only starting to realizing its potential as a haven for bands and listeners yearning for a place dedicated completely to music. It was a Sunday night with a good turnout that was treated to one hour of loud psych rock, perhaps in a somewhat more mellow mode than usual from this band. Check out Pink Lady Lemonade.

Tech notes

This is a multitrack recording, made by using Art S8 splitters into Digimax preamps and recorded on a HD24. Room microphones (Milab VM44) were placed above the soundboard. The VM44s are my favourite choice for capturing not great sounding rooms, especially when combined with a good source (like a multitrack) to add presence. This recording has some input from two DPA 4061s hung from the ceiling above the stage. All in all a good recording.

The sounds

Download links at


Find a video of Cometary Orbital Drive below. The quality of the video isn’t great, but it should be enjoyable nevertheless. Look for the tape in the ceiling above stage to catch a glimpse of the DPA 4061s.




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