Svaneborg/Kardyb – Jazzcup, Copenhagen 2020-10-23

The way they play

Smooth, chill, but still with power to influence and affect. This Danish duo has been a strong favourite of the writer for 2020. A perfect soundtrack to a slow time. The simple setup of drums and keys isn’t used for the first time, but in a unique way with perfectly adapted songwriting. The show took place in a record store, with regular jazz concerts. Aparently this show brought a somewhat different audience, according to the owner’s introduction, hoping for the sold out show’s participants to return. You will certainly enjoy this recording, regardless of whether you attented or not.

The release party for the new album Haven brought a reinforced duo of Nikolaj Svaneborg and Jonas Kardyb, bringing along Jonas Scheffle playing the trumpet on selected numbers.

Nikolaj Svaneborg – Keys, piano
Jonas Kardyb – Drums, percussion
Jonas Scheffle – Trumpet

Set 1
1. Intro
2. Tønder -> Et Lite Øyeblikk Bare
3. Vandre
4. Til Eline
5. Bluesen
6. Mester Jakob
7. Dæmningen
8. Knob

Set 2
9. Haven
10. Havn
11. Omvej
12. Dialekt
13. Svalen
14. Sommer
15. Fløjtesangen
16. Post


And the sounds

This recording was made with a pair of Milab VM44 (cards) capturing the rooms vibes. The drums were miked up with Milab DC196 and the keys and piano through the old fashioned halfway insert out trick (do a search if you’re interested in learning about it) from a simple house mixer. Not knowing about the trumpet before arriving at the show presented an unfortunately unresolved problems, as the trumpet is basically only captured by the room mics. It could’ve been better, but sounds pretty good still. Most of the recording (besides the trumpet) sounds good!

Download: Flac






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