Madalitso Band – Plan B, Malmö 2017-11-28

The show

One dark november night, about two years ago, a jamming duo took the smaller (!) stage at Plan B in Malmö, Sweden. That is, the smaller stage at the basement version of Plan B, since relocated. The few in attendance got treated to music bringing warming up the fall. The Malawian duo of Madalitso band were on a small tour of Sweden and Europe, playing smaller venues like Plan B and Mötesplats Dalaberg in Uddevalla. The music, with lyrics sung in chichewa, can be described as either hypnotic or pop, depending on your perspective.

The recording

Art S8 splitters fed stage signals into Presonus Digimax D8 preamps and Alesis HD24. This was combined with room mics to create a nice document of the show.

There were cameras present, but no video survives.

The sounds

Download: Flac




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