Ryley Walker – Hotel Cecil 2020-01-30

The art

Ryley Walker, the indie rock star. Ryley Walker, the jazz musician. Ryley Walker, the jammer, doing a solo show with just an acoustic guitar. Jamming with just himself. Does it work? Building something together with others is definately different from building it yourself. If you’ve listened to Ryley in different constellations (a must, if you haven’t!) then the acoustic Ryley might bring you something else, perhaps more pure. He seems to be able to lose himself in his own small guitar adventures throughout the show. A suggestion is to sit down with a hot beverage of your own choice and listen like it’s a good book.

The sounds

A recording made through the Dante output of the Soundcraft Vi2000 at Hotel Cecil, with a miked up room as well. The Joeco Blackbox bbr64-dante is working well, when you get to know it a little bit. A thank you goes out to Sune, the night’s technician. All in all, the sound is good, with some small quirks thanks to Ryley’s dynamic soundscape.

Download links at https://archive.org/details/ryleywalker2020-01-30


Two songs here:





http://www.nyctaper.com/tag/ryley-walker/, where you’ll find many Ryley Walker posts.

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