Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band – Festival of Endless Gratitude, Copenhagen 2019-09-13

The feeling

This was an artist I had been looking forward to seeing for a while, with lenghty open jams. The setting was great, at the Festival of Endless Gratitude taking place at KPH Volume. A place with plenty of openness and understanding, combined with a good dose of friendship. After a full evening of very varied shows Dire Wolves both fit in perfectly and added their own musical stream of various sounds, jams and affection.

Definately a good show, which is manifested in the offically released LP of this recording titled Flow & Heady.


1. Flow & Heady -> By The Fireside
2. Let The Dog See The Rabbit
3. Dr. Esperanto

The recording

This was one of those times you were very happy to have run backup recorders. The main recorder was supposed to be a laptop connected to the Soundcraft SI board through usb doing multitrack, with the help of foeg’s Christian. The backup recorder was a Zoom H6 recording a stereo soundboard feed and room ambience from two Peluso CEMC-6 placed at the back of the room.

First of all, the laptop only made it approximately 20 minutes into the set, before giving up. A bummer, but there was still the backup at least. But the stereo soundboard feed was very uneven. Due to the basic lack of soundcheck (being a festival gig) the first 15 minutes were basically used to get the mix right. But after that point the mix was great.

Two not perfect recordings made up one great in this case. The first part was mixed from the multitrack, with added ambience, to match the soundboard mix of the rest of the show to get an even and very listenable recording doing the show justice.

To download this show, buy it from the artist here. Or buy one of the remaining LPs from Cardinal Fuzz or Feeding Tube Records.

Stream (by courtesy of Jeffrey Alexander):



Flow and Heady


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