Acid Mothers Temple – CPH Basement, København 2019-10-20

The thing

Thing is this is one of those acts you need to experience. To feel. Sometimes the feeling of being strapped to a spinning wheel creeps into the body and the brain. Use your ears and your inner vision. Or perhaps, do strap yourself to a spinning wheel to see which number will be the winner.

This music knows few boundaries, with only some more or less strong framework laid out for the musicians. The lead is of course the guitar of Kawabata Makoto, but the spectacular, freaky drumming of Satoshima Nani is worth the price of admission in itself. The drumming and the guitar playing challenges each other to higher levels. This is no keep-the-beat drummer.

This is music for clearing your mind. Yoga sounds? One might wonder what an Acid Mothers Temple yoga hour would be like.


1. Intro
2. Black Magic Satori
3. La Novia
4. Dark Star Blues ->
5. Chinese Flying Saucer
6. Pink Lady Lemonade -> So What -> Pink Lady Lemonade ->
7. Flying Teapot ->
8. Cometary Orbital Drive


Arriving at the venue not knowing what kind of setup to meet, the Yamaha LS9 present at the venue provided an opportunity to do a multitrack recording through adat to a HD24. A pair of Milab VM44 (card) clamped to the balcony rail provides ambience to a well sounding mix, despite a very (!) loud evening.


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One camera video:

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