The Orgelheimers – Lövendahl, København 2020-09-04


Putting up keys and drums in the sidewalk outside a shop, playing old standards. Having fun. This band, by the looks of the live videos available, is about having fun and letting loose. In the way a 6 pm show will let you let loose, this does. The songs are standards, but delievered with their own twists and turns. Relax and enjoy!

This smaller trio format of The Orgelheimers consisted of:

Nikolaj Høi (org)
Michael Maretti (org)
Rune Koefod (dr)


1. Intro
2. Benny Hill
3. Tequila
4. Apache
5. Chain of Fools
6. Misirlou
7. Green Onions
8. Two Soaps
9. White Christmas
10. Wipe Out

The recording

For an unplugged show in the streets sometimes the simple approach will yield a good result. The x-y mics of a Zoom H6 placed at about 50 cm height in the center of the soundscape provide us with this recording which is all in all very listenable.

Download: Flac




Wipe Out

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